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If you’re in one of our LIVE states you can play the real Powerball and Mega Millions right from your mobile device.
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Safe To Use
safety by utilizing industry-leading technology that verifies your identity, age, and location to provide the best and most secure mobile lottery experience.
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Playing the lottery on your phone is easy! Set up your account and start playing within moments. We can also remind you to play when jackpots are high.
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Easy Cashouts
Get all your winnings delivered right to your bank account, safely and securely, when you win! You keep 100 percent of your winnings!
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Balance playing Lottery products with other activities
When gambling becomes your only form of entertainment, it's unlikely that you're still having fun, and gambling may be having a negative effect on your life. Make sure gambling isn't your only pastime.
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Don't play when you're feeling down or upset
Decision-making can be more difficult when you're stressed or emotionally upset. Make sure you only play with a clear head. Debt will have a negative effect on your feeling.
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